Mr. Saturday & Sixpence are this universe’s prime space-time bending gentlemen-for-hire, at your service! No other high caliber masters of their art can claim to include the finest con-man in 16 dimensions and a charismatic mime wanted in 13 of those 16 dimensions!

Saturday & Sixpence are entertainers extraordinaire with a high improv flair when not on one of their fantastic (and assuredly foolish) adventures, enjoying the adoration of the crowds, gaining energy from their applause, laughter, and if need be, outright confusion.

When in this space-time quadrant, they attend conventions for jolts and jollies, head up the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association, and for some strange reason, can usually be found in the Texas vicinity. They also happen to be the con-men behind AetherFest, Texas’ first Steampunk convention in San Antonio, TX and they do put on one hell of a convention!

Want to learn more about these rascals and their companions? Check below for links as they appear!

The Story of Sixpence
The Dossier of Mr. Saturday


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